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Soy Candle Tin w/Wooden Wick

Tin Soy Candle *

Our candles are hand wicked and hand poured using natural soy for a creamy candle that is long lasting and clean burning. we use wooden wicks that create that soothing sound of a crackling fire. Our fragrance oils are all phthalate-free. This lovely candle contains 4.5 ounces of our natural soy wax. Approximate burn time for this candle is 30-40 hours when burned correctly. Please note all candles are white.

Best Soy Candle!!
Posted 6th Sep 2020 by Mary Donovan

I adore this candle! It has a subtle, very natural smell that infuses a room with just the right amount of scent. I will definitely purchase more.

So good, you have to smell them twice!
Posted 28th Dec 2016 by Hope - Maryland

I love, love candles, and for a while, it was "Yankee Candle" or bust. That is, until I came across these beauties. They burn evenly, have a subtle yet fragrant aroma, and, are made by hand. Who can beat that?

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Soy Candle Tin w/Wooden Wick
Soy Candle Tin w/Wooden Wick