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Accra - (Barbados)


Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, Palm and Castor; Shea and Cocoa Butters, 100% Pure Dead Sea Mud, Calendula Petals & Activated Charcoal. Scented with Lavender, Rosemary & Tea Tree Essential Oils.


Beat Ever
Posted 26th Nov 2021 by DEBORAH KRETER

There is no soap that even comes close the the wonderful smells, performance and beauty! As a gift you are always a hit!!!

Accra and Men
Posted 8th Jul 2021 by Tracy Reese

A lot of men don't have an interest in the beauty and skin care industry. Well skincare doesn't discriminate between women and men so why should products? With that being said, my husband absolutely love this soap. At first, he was excited about switching to natural soap but after he used Accra, he completely changed his mind. Now, this is his favorite soap. It smells absolutely wonderful and leaves his skin refreshed and moisturized.

Posted 9th Jan 2021 by Alejandro

This soap is amazing! My skin has really cleared up it doesn’t dry up my skin and keeps it really soft will be ordering more!

Excellent quality product
Posted 12th May 2020 by Dwight

If you want to take care of your skin then this is the product for you. Using these soaps the skin just feels right and refreshed.

Posted 2nd Jan 2020 by Aerial

This one is my favorite!! Long-lasting and a perfect blend of my needs!

Posted 17th Oct 2019 by Christine Fensky

I’m literally sad when my shower is over and can’t wait to take another! My skin loves this bar! Tea tree oil has been the missing ingredient for my skin issues! I love this bar!

Posted 13th Mar 2019 by Lawanda

This soap is great! It is my favorite. The richness and excellent quality is amazing. The fragrance is refreshing and it keeps my bathroom smelling good all the time...

Accra bar
Posted 8th Jan 2018 by Kim

This soap smells amazing! And leaves skin soft and moisturized.

Posted 26th Nov 2017 by Nae

I have very oily, sensitive, acne prone skin at the age of 39. I am very careful when it comes to my face because I break out so easily or I use something new and it ends up dry and looking like burned skin. I must say I’m impressed. My face looks great! I still have acne here and there but usually I see it one day and the next day I don’t. My skin isn’t overly dry and it’s very soft with a nice glow to it and that is without any type of moisturizer after I wash my face.

Awesome Soap
Posted 26th Sep 2017 by Mira

Between the Oatmeal and Goat's Milk bar and this one.....OMG your skin will thank you!!! Great product and will continue to purchase, my skin loves it.

The best EVER
Posted 5th Apr 2017 by Imani

By far the best soap Ive ever used. Will have to buy these 3 or 4 at a time because now my whole family loves it.

Another Favorite
Posted 27th Mar 2017 by Nadirah Rogers

All I can say is I love this soap and all I want to buy is this soap.

The best
Posted 15th Nov 2016 by Imani

If your trying to decide which one to choose. Pick this one. The change in the health of your skin is quickly noticable. She packs this bar with nothing but the best.

Simply the Best
Posted 29th Sep 2016 by Butterfly

This is one of the best products on the market. My face looks amazing and I constantly get compliments on my skin. For years, I used Mary Kay as part of my daily skincare regime. I started memorial day using the Dead Sea Mud and have not looked back. To my surprise, I have not used my Mary Kay products since Memorial Day-awesome. I have not used it on my body yet- plan to next. Keep up the great work!

Posted 14th Sep 2016 by Shannon Holmes

Let me start by saying that I am typically not one who gives reviews. However, there is an exception to everything. I absolutely love this soap. From the very first use of it I could tell it was different than brand name soaps. My skin never felt so clean after a shower. It was cleansing I was afraid that I was stripped and would be left extra dry..not the case here. There is no residue left on the skin but what you are left with is soft, hydrated and clean skin. I also purchased this soap for my 13 year old daughter her suffers from eczema on the fold of her arm and face acne. Though the soap has not cleared either up there has been a change in my daughters skin. I am definitely ordering this again. I also at the same time purchased the Dead Sea Mud soap. I have not used it yet but it next in rotation. Can't wait to see what benefits it holds. Last but not least, I can't end this review without mentioning how beautifully packaged my order was when it arrived. The small touches definitely says that you care about your product and your customer. Thanks Komfort Zone!!

Great Customer Service
Posted 5th Apr 2016 by Abby Cheatham

Great customer service, quick delivery! Soap smells amazing, looking forward to seeing how the acne clears from using Accra!

Posted 13th Mar 2016 by Kim Kittrell

Let me start by saying, I wish I could give a greater rating then 5 stars. I purchased this bar for my teenagers (18/15) and they absolutely love it. My son (18) was using only black soap on his face and it worked but left his face extremely dry. Testimony: He started using the bar right after getting over strep which came out in his face and left really ugly black marks on his face - it wasn't pretty. After using the bar the first week he/we could see the difference. He's been using the bar a little almost three weeks and he's constantly wanting me to feel his face...and the dark marks are partially gone...Amen! I don't believe he'll ever want to use anything else on his face...ever! I didn't need to use it to see the greatness of this product! Thanks for developing a powerful but gentle product.

great for face MUST GET
Posted 12th Mar 2016 by fashunfamous

I got this bar because I thought it would be good for my acne prone skin. I was not expecting it to do so well at leaving my face feeling clean & super soft. Most soaps leave my skin feeling dry but the Accra bar leaves your skin refreshed.

These soaps are the BEST!!!!
Posted 19th Jul 2015 by Gigi D

I no longer purchase soaps at the store. My eczema is much improved by using the products from Komfort-Zone. THANK YOU!!

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Accra - (Barbados)